Dealership Purchases

Arizona State Credit Union works with most local franchised dealerships. When purchasing from a dealership you can apply for financing by:
  1. Applying either in your local branch, on-line, or with our loan call center at 602-467-4230 or 1-800-453-9897 to become pre-approved on an amount only so that you know how much you are approved for before shopping for your new vehicle. (the pre-approval is contingent on the value of the vehicle you decide to purchase)
  2. Going to a dealer and request they send the financing to Arizona State Credit Union. If you receive a pre-approval prior to going to the dealership you may have the dealership send the financing to Arizona State Credit Union or you can get a purchase order from the dealer and make an appointment to close with the local branch.

Private Party Financing

We do offer private party financing. Please contact AZSTCU for details with private party purchases.

Note: Arizona State Credit Union does not finance out of state private party loans.


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