Construction Loans

At Arizona State Credit Union we offer our members a variety of construction loans designed for builders, new home buyers and realtors with great rates and easy financing.

Local Builders, Relators and New Home Buyers 

No need to worry about rising mortgage rates as you begin construction. You’ll lock in the rate for their permanent mortgage even before construction phase begins.  

You save a lot of time and money by taking advantage of an all-in-one loan in which you:
  • Only need to qualify once
  • Sign one set of loan documents
  • Pay one set of loans fees for both your construction-phase financing and permanent mortgage
100% Local Benefits

When your home is in Arizona, you can take advantage of the opportunities. With over 125,000 members working as one, Arizona State Credit Union can keep rates low and terms flexible so that you save money. 

Get Started with your Local Home Loan Originator. 

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